Cotton vs Organic Cotton – Certifications of Organic Cotton

Certifications of Organic Cotton The landscape of cotton certifications is cloudy, with little agreement on standards. This is very confusing for consumers. There are a few certifications relating to fashion retail and these standards are hard to tell apart. Standards are important when it comes to ‘organic’ cotton’. The word ‘organic’ is not a trademark […]

Cotton vs Organic Cotton – Identifying 100% Certified Organic Cotton

How Do I Know The Product I Am Buying is 100% Certified Organic Cotton? Organic cotton is a sustainable solution, grown without the use of pesticides, from seeds which have not been genetically modified. Organic farming practices avoid using harmful chemicals while aiming for environmental sustainability. Chemical-free agricultural land even stays fertile much longer than […]

Cotton vs. Organic Cotton – Overview

Cotton vs Organic Cotton – The Complete Guide Cotton is the most popular textile fiber globally, accounting for about 40% of total world fiber production. 60% of this covers all the synthetic fibers, regenerated fibers and other natural fibers including wool & silk. (More on the other textile fibres in future posts) Non-organic or standard […]