We’ve relished the opportunity to work with some wonderfully creative entrepreneurs and brands from across the globe.

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Working with Nicole was a pleasure. She knows what she’s doing and has the right connections to help out with any issue. Thanks for the nice cooperation every time we worked together.

Sander Van Liempt - Director of Superworkx, Netherlands

Nicole was amazing in sourcing and negotiating with the factories. Her work ethic was incredible and she was always available to contact if we had a problem. She negotiated great terms for our product and even reduced the cost of production by 75% from previous quotes. She made our product a viable business after previously being told it wasn't possible. We can't thank her enough for her work and I highly recommend Nicole as a sourcing partner.

Camilla Parkinson - Founder of Eos & Orion, Australia

I worked with Nicole while I was in charge of the PARFOIS buying office in China. She was the best support we found to our European designers. She was always quite about the trends and her suggestions always brought important value to our accessories collections.

Nuno Castro - Head of China Buying Office, Parfois

I was very pleased to work together with Nicole. She has a great attitude. It is always positive, funny and contagious. Nicole is self motivated and creative person. Her work was well planned out and executed flawless. She is very sensitive to trends and has an original view for selection. Her undeniable determination and consistency in action resulted in the fact that we were able to implement a joint business project in an extremely short time. I would like to recommend Nicole as a reliable business partner.

Eleen - Production Manager at Hoha Jewellery China

Eos and Orion


Key points:

  • Reduced unit cost by 75%.
  • Reduced minimum order quantity (MOQ) from 1,000 down to 300.
  • Negotiated a free replacement clause when over a 10% return rate.

The Case Study

Eos and Orion is a bohemian lifestyle brand being developed in Australia. Their flagship piece of jewellery – The Aeternus – was a groundbreaking and exciting project. Due to it’s bold and unique design the directors had struggled to source a manufacturer for the product.

“We had approached a number of specialist jewellery companies and consultants both in Australia and overseas. The vast majority of responses were that the idea wasn’t feasible due to the intricate nature of the design. One designer quoted $60 per unit.” – Camilla, Eos and Orion director.

Nicole used her vast amount of contacts in China. Within weeks she had managed to source a number of prototypes for Eos to test markets and take to potential investors. She also managed to reduce the unit cost to $15, 25% of the original quoted price.

“Nicole was brilliant throughout the process. She managed to bring the unit cost to a level which made the idea profitable, and also negotiated a lower minimum order quantity to reduce our overall start-up costs for the product launch.”

The directors of Eos were also concerned about the potential for customer returns if the product should break. To mitigate this Nicole negotiated with the factory to have samples replaced for free should the failure rate exceed 10% of total units.