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Revealed: How This Sunny Coast Entrepreneur Helped One Local Businesses Save 60% On Their Product Sourcing


From impossible to complete. How Sourcing Elements helped Noosa-based Eos and Orion build their dream.

Meet Camilla, founder and operations executive of the Noosa-based jewellery company Eos and Orion.

Camilla had always wanted to own her own business – the change to build something she was proud of and also bought in a modest income to enable her to focus her creative talents 100% on her business.

After pursuing numerous ventures she finally struck gold

There is an easier way!

You've just discovered sourcing that..

"Ever wondered how competitors are able to sell their goods for less than you can even manufacture them?"


I’m Nicole De Boer, founder and sourcer-in-chief here at Sourcing Elements. 

What you are about to read will change the outcome of your business forever.

Too many businesses fail or ‘just scrape by’ because they fail to understand their high costs make them uncompetitive in their market.

In fact, did you know over 96% of businesses fail in their first ten years?

Of the 4% that survive, many of those finish each year with barely enough profit to pay the bills and afford a small holiday for the owner. 

The 1% of businesses who thrive are those that manage to reduce their cost of goods sold and leverage their large profit margins to crush their industry.

The 1% of businesses who thrive leverage their large profit margins to crush their industry.

Start Sourcing Any Product In Any Industry

Start Any Business Or Supercharge Growth In Your Existing Ventures!

You probably already know that manufacturing overseas could save you thousands of dollars in manufacturing costs (most of our customers actually underestimate how much they can save). 

But you’ve probably also heard horror stories from friends and associates who have invested ten of thousands of dollars overseas just to experience severe delays, low quality goods, drawn-out communications and importation nightmares.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Yes, sourcing overseas can be tricky! But with the correct knowledge, resources and infrastructure in place, it’s actually 100% feasible

In fact, thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs just like you are taking advantage of the process every single year.

And now you have the opportunity to do exactly that – entirely risk free, and without spending hundreds of hours trying to do it yourself.

There is no sourcing company in Australia who works harder or is more accountable than Sourcing Elements. I am always just a phone call away and promise to stop at nothing to ensure game-changing results for your business.

Nicole De Boer
Sourcing Expert and Founder of Sourcing Elements

Who Can Benefit From Sourcing Overseas?

E-commerce Store Owners

With hundreds of competitors just a few clicks away, you must ensure your pricing is competitive while still maintaining a healthy profit margin.

Brick & Mortar Stores

Reduce your cost of production without disrupting your supply chain! Our fully-managed system gives you all the benefits of lower manufacturing costs, without the risks or complications of doing it yourself.

Unique Product Ideas

A unique product can be highly lucrative, but also very hard to source. We specialise in finding manufacturers for unique products in all industries.

Events and Merchandisers

Are you holding an event or convention? We can source a wide range of white labelled products for a rich source of revenue and exposure.

Are you ready for radical changes to your businesses fortune?

You can start sourcing this week, without the risk, time commitment or stress involved in traditional sourcing methods.

We are offering our industry sourcing masterclass with sourcing expert Nicole De Boer (valued at $250!) free of charge for suitable applicants for a limited time.

On this free 1-to-1 call  you will learn:

➼ Details about the entire sourcing process and how it will benefit your business

➼ Tips on how to prevent IP theft with overseas factories

➼ Some common pitfalls many first time buyers fall in to and how to avoid them

➼ Freight options and how to select the best for you (DDP, DAP, FOB etc)

➼ All the costs involved with importing products from overseas (avoid any nasty surprises and expedite the process)

➼ A case study for our unique product that is yet to be released (so unique we can’t talk about it publicly!)


➼ A free ‘question and answer’ session with Nicole to answer any of your questions about sourcing! Make sure you know all the facts – come armed questions and get them answers by an expert.

Yes, this is absolutely free. No obligations. No complications.

All you need to do is pop in your contact details and we'll do the rest.

And don't worry!

We won’t chase you with endless emails or put you on spammy email lists.
Infact, we only want to work with those are are fully committed to the process and excited to propel their business to new levels of growth.

Only a call away when you need us.

We put our heart and soul in to ensuring the success of our clients. There is no challenge too big for us to tackle or problem too small to help you with.

Remember – when you grow, we grow.

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Claim your FREE no-obligation strategy session NOW (value $250).

Don’t spend another second worrying about sourcing or researching products cost. Our strategy session is for those deadly serious about taking their business to a new level. 

We provide the resources, expertise and dedication your business needs to sucessfully embark on this exciting new path.

Don't waste months of your time on Alibaba trying to source your products! Get in touch today to bring your product to fruition. Let's start something amazing together.
Nicole De Boer
Founder - Sourcing Elements