We offer entrepreneurs the resources to design their product, manufacture it overseas and import it to any market ready to sell.

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Bring your product to life..

With high-quality contacts and over a decade of experience, we remove the hurdles and risks associated with manufacturing your products overseas.

We love what we do, and we love to represent you.

..and then launch it to a global market.

Here's What We Do

No matter how far along the product development line you are, we have a service suited to accelerating your product into the market. 

(Not sure what you need?

Not Sure What You Need?

If you’re not sure what service you need, please get in touch with the form below and we will advise you. 


Products & Sourcing

Source a new line of white labeled goods for your business, or create a brand new product from a concept.


Website & Branding

We build and maintain beautiful websites which convey a consistent brand and convert visitors into customers.

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Our $120 consultation package with product sourcer Nicole is available for free for the month of April!

Take advantage of our social isolation, grab a coffee at home and find out how you can bring your product idea to a global market.

Web + Branding

Product Sourcing

A leader in her industry.

Nicole de Boer is an expert in sourcing products from overseas manufacturers. She boasts over a decades experience connecting Western brands to factories in Asia.

For five of these years she called China her home and has a list of personally accredited contacts across the continent to deal with any problems which arise.

She excels in identifying the perfect factory for the product and negotiating the best terms of production while maintaining a competitive cost per unit and superb standards of quality.

Our Work

We are blessed to have worked with amazing entrepreneurs and brands across the globe, assisting them in bringing to life beautiful and creative ideas for the world to enjoy. 

Eos and Orion


The world’s first necklace with an adjustable netting capable of fitting in healing crystals of many shapes and sizes.


We love working with our clients, and they love working with us. 

"Nicole's undeniable determination and consistency in action resulted in the fact that we were able to implement a joint business project in an extremely short time. I would like to recommend Nicole as a reliable business partner."
"Nicole was amazing in sourcing and negotiating with the factories. Her work ethic was incredible and she was always available to contact if we had a problem. We highly recommend Nicole as a sourcing partner."

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After weeks of research trying to source my own manufacturer on Alibaba, I found Nicole. She was super helpful and responded quickly and thoroughly to all my queries. I'm so glad I contacted her when I did and finally saw my product idea come to fruition.

Deborah Sims